An on-going international multicentre trial will elucidate the optimal duration of oxytocin stimulation during labour.  Our goal is to reduce complications for both mother and child. More than 1000 women are expected to participate.

The name of the trial- CONDISOX is an acronym for: Continued versus Discontinued Oxytocin

We focus on how the duration of stimulation influences on

  • Risk for Caesarean Delivery
  • Risk of complication of labour during and after delivery
  • The baby during and after delivery
  • Birth experience

The purpose is to show whether the stimulation should continue until child and placenta have been delivered or if the stimulation should preferably be discontinued when the active stage of labour has been established.


Responsible for the trial, Sidsel Boie, MD PhD student

Randers Regional Hospital
Østervangsvej 28
8930 Randers NØ

Phone number: +45 78 42 23 54

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