You will receive written information about the project during your pregnancy, if you are pregnant and planning to give birth at one of the following centres:


  • Randers Regional Hospital
  • Aarhus University Hospital
  • Kolding Hospital
  • Aalborg University Hospital
  • Herning Regional Hospital
  • Rigshospitalet - Copenhagen
  • Nordsjællands Hospital - Hillerød

The Netherlands:

  • AMC (Academic Medical Center), Amsterdam


Some women will need oxytocin stimulation during labor to have regular sufficient contractions. If you need stimulation you will be invited to participate in the trial.


Responsible for the trial, Sidsel Boie, MD PhD student

Randers Regional Hospital
Østervangsvej 28
8930 Randers NØ

Phone number: +45 60 63 68 35

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